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On-Demand Classes and Live Coaching that

Prepare you for Birth and Help You
Feel Supported Postpartum

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You Shouldn't Have to Figure Everything Out
on Your Own... 

Without the practical support you need to care for yourself and your baby,
it costs you feelings of

  • Stress over Breastfeeding

  • Overwhelm with all the unexpected changes

  • Worrying if you're doing the right thing

  • Doubting yourself and your own ability

  • Taking care of everyone else but not having time to care for your needs

  • Not knowing what information to trust

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Hi, I'm Joyanna Grace

Hi, I'm Joyanna Grace, mom of 4, OB nurse, and perinatal educator.

I was there...a new mom thrilled to take care of my little one, until the stress of not knowing what I was doing was correct, constant Google searches, and the emotional impact that I was not prepared for became overwhelming.  

You shouldn't have to figure everything out on your own. That is why I created Happily Mom and the MotherhoodTOGETHER Moms group - it has helped many new moms go from stressed and overwhelmed to confident and thriving, truly enjoying there time in motherhood.