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Getting Your Needs Met Daily

In the last module, we talked about comparison and how it robs from your confidence & subconsciously makes you diminish your unique needs. Then, at the end of the lesson you created a list of things that make you feel "Calm, Connected, Inspired & Supported." In this final module, we're talking all about how to use your self-discovery list to start getting your needs met DAILY instead of rarely.

Transformation is at your fingertips! Let's dive in.


Start Doing More of What You Love

In this lesson, we're jumping right into where we left off in our conversation on YOUR needs! In this video I'm going to show you HOW to use your self-discovery list to start re-filling your tank, how to communicate your needs more effectively &

begin feeling more "full" instead of drained, and empty.


1. Go get your self-discovery list.

2. Read over it again.

3. Press play when you're ready to get started!


Analyze Your List

Using the framework of "What You Know, What You Have, and What You CAN Do," I want you to analyze your self-discovery list. Take 5-1o mins to brainstorm some ideas of baby steps you can take TODAY to do more of what you love! This is important, so write these someplace you can find them again.

Example: Baking makes me feel inspired.

Action Step: I can watch a baking show on Netflix. I can bake 3-ingredient PB cookies that are quick & easy. I can go to a bakery or order fresh baked goods.


1. There are no wrong answers.

2. You can keep practicing & adding ideas as you go!


Communicating More Effectively

Communication is no easy art. It's complicated and easily loaded with emotions, especially when we're talking about your needs. It can feel especially challenging to voice your needs when you aren't sure how they will be received. So, in this lesson, we're breaking open some practical framework for using what you've just discovered about yourself to enlist the support you need to get your needs met.


Communication Download

I've adapted a "Clean Non-Blaming Communication" model to fit with the awesome things you're discovering about yourself. 

Download & print this framework here.


Taking Care of You

Your needs matter.

At this point, you've heard it a million times, but I'm going to keep saying it until it becomes part of your DNA. ;) In this final lesson, we're taking everything we learned & discussing how to apply these new life skills to create a happier, healthier life for YOU and your family.


Practical Take Away

As you continue shifting mindsets from a "I can't" to an "I can" mentality, I've created a graphic to help keep this new framework at the forefront of your mind. The more we get stuck on thinking about our limitations or limiting circumstances, the more powerless we feel. In contrast, as you start making strides in INTENTIONALLY meeting your needs, this "I CAN" mentality, will be the secret to your sustainable success!


As a helpful reminder, I've created a graphic you can print + post in your home or screenshot on your phone to keep this mindset handy.

This tool will help you fuel your self-discovery process & help you identify practical ways you can meet your needs DAILY instead of rarely.



I'm so proud of you for investing time in yourself, taking action, and daring to break free from old ways of doing life so you can step into new freedom, joy, and truth as you come alive in the midst of motherhood!

You've officially completed Module 5!