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Your Value

So often we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of not advocating for our needs, putting ourselves last, or burying what we need or want because of what we believe about ourselves. Today we're diving into the lies & limiting beliefs that we've developed and are going to be breaking those off in exchange for TRUTH.



Your sense of self-worth is immediately tied to what you believe about yourself. If we want to experience breakthrough in understanding, embracing, & communicating our needs, we must first engage the conversation of self-worth.


Lies & Limiting Beliefs

We undergo pain as children, grow up thinking we've moved on from it, only to find that the wounds from our childhood have taught us messages of hurt that have grown into lies & limiting beliefs. To better understand this process, we're reading an excerpt from Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge, ch. 4, pg 68-69.


What is Holding You Back?

Take a few minutes to write out any lies or limiting beliefs that come up. Try not to filter the things that come up or rationalize through them. Instead, give yourself some space to write whatever lies come to mind, a space to let your heart speak. 


Copy + Save these Lies & Beliefs for later! You'll need them for the next action step.


Breaking Agreements

"The vows we make as children are very understandable- and very, very damaging. They shut our hearts down. They are essentially a deep-seated agreement with the messages of our wounds. They act as an agreement with the verdict on us. 'Fine. If that's how it, then that's how it is...'"

Captivating Eldridge, 2005 (p.70)


Break Off the Lies

Step 1: Repeat for each lie or belief on your previous list: 

"By my will and my choosing, I renounce and break agreement with the lie that..."

(Fill in the blank.)

Step 2: Ask yourself, "What's the truth?"

Write down what you hear inside, think, or get an impression of.


Not sure what the truth is? Here's a helpful tip: There's an old adage that says if you take the opposite of a lie, you'll find the truth. (Ex. Lie: There's no time for me. Truth: I am worth making time for.)


So, flip those lies & write the TRUTH! 


Copy + Save these truths for later! You'll need them.


Practical Take Away

Save your truths. Print + Post them by your mirror & practice looking yourself in the eyes & telling yourself those TRUTHS this week! (:




I'm so proud of you for investing time in yourself, taking action, and daring to break free from lies & limiting beliefs into liberating TRUTH.

You've completed Module 3!