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Discovering Your Needs

There are things unique to you that no one else has. Beautiful attributes, ways of doing things, and yes needs. In this section, we're going to be discovering some of these needs, but first, we've got to address the sneaky trap of comparison that will try to undermine your awesomeness & keep you stuck.


Overcoming Comparison

A lot of times the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves give comparison access to come in and rob from us, but I'm going to show you how to think differently so you can start living differently!

Pansies by J.F. Willing

In this quick story, we see a beautiful garden reduced to weary, drooping plants as comparison tries to keep them from appreciating their uniqueness, but the pansies...well, they can teach us a thing or two. 


Embracing Your Uniqueness

By embracing what makes you uniquely you, you enable yourself to bring your full self to the table as a mother and as an individual. Instead of feeling drained, overwhelmed, and trapped, embracing your needs enables you to come alive again as you fill yourself back up intentionally.


A Meditation on Letting Go

Choose a quiet place free from distraction that you can spend 5 mins of focused time. Put on some relaxing instrumental music & when you're ready, press play. :)


A Self-Discovery Activity

Are you ready for some fun?!?


In this self-discovery exercise, you'll be listing out a handful of things that help re-fill your tank. Whether it's practical things like being in nature or quiet alone time to help you feel calm or eye contact and snuggles to help you feel connected, you'll come away with a list you can use to start meeting your needs effectively!


You've done the heart work necessary to begin opening up & embracing your needs, so now it's time to discover what those unique needs are.

This exercise is loads of fun & takes just 5 mins to complete!


What You'll Need:

+ Pen & Paper (or notes section on your phone)  

+ 5 mins of focused attention

On your paper, I want you to write out 4 Headings: 





Under each category, you'll list at least 3-5 things. Just brain dump thoughts.

Try not to filter it, just write. Remember, there are no wrong answers.

We'll review more in the next lesson.

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How to Use Your List to Do More of What You Love

Once you've got your list, jump into this final lesson & learn how to start using this list to start getting your needs met! Let's learn how to do more of what you love. 


Practical Take Away

Post your self-discovery list somewhere easy to see, like on your fridge!

If it's on your phone or computer, print it out.


Remember: Your Needs Matter!

To confidently meet them without guilt, you must believe that your needs are EQUALLY as important.


Print or screenshot this lovely graphic as a reminder.


Congratulations, love!

I'm so proud of you for investing time in yourself, taking action, and daring to discover your needs.

You've competed Module 4!