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Welcome to Birthing Class!

Be Ready for Birth No Matter What.
I'm SO happy you're joining me! 
As a Nurse & Perinatal Educator, I've taught hundreds of expecting parents how to navigate birth with confidence, working with mom's body & as a team to naturally promote progress in labor.
"The Graceful Birth Method" is an 8-Lesson natural birthing course, and today
I'm excited to introduce you to Lesson 1 & Lesson 2, the foundation for birthing naturally. 
 Go ahead, grab your pen & paper before we start! (:
Now usually, I recommend couples watch these videos together, but I know you're eager to get started so I won't blame you for jumping right in! ;)
Let's Go!
Lesson 1: "Understanding Your Body" 

Lesson 2: Baby's Position & Contractions