Whether you're pregnant or postpartum, a first-time mom or growing a young family, we are here to help! Through classes & workshops, we help moms discover what it looks like to THRIVE wherever you are on the journey.

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Motherhood 101:

Your Guide to Life in the First Year

Set yourself up for success! Learn everything you need to know about this new season. We'll discuss setting healthy expectations, how to know what’s normal, and how to make time for you. Also learn common hurdles, strategies to overcome them, and how to embrace the transition phase. You'll walk away feeling ready for the journey ahead!

Victory on the Emotional Journey:

Fully You, Fully Alive

Join us as we overcome mom guilt, shame, and the comparison trap. Break free from the myth of perfection and learn what it looks like to be fully YOU while being fully mom. Define your measure of success, get your joy back, and walk confidently in your own skin. No more living up to unrealistic standards or the expectations of others!

The Art of Mothering Well:

A Foundation for Joy-filled Parenting

Learn to build powerful mindsets, mother from a place of compassion (towards yourself & your littles), and build a culture of empowerment in your home. We'll give you keys to promoting healthy family dynamics, uproot fear, and lay a foundation of liberating truths about what it looks like to be a "good mom."

Thriving on Purpose Workshop:

Living a Life You Love

One-Day or 3-wk Series

Build a roadmap to living life how you love it! This interactive workshop combines personal reflection, fun self-discovery, and strategic planning in our unique "Embrace. Discover. Design." model. It is offered as both a One-Day and Series option for those who want to dive a little deeper. We'll take your interests, passions, and pain points into consideration as we get refreshingly practical with daily "how to's." 


Joyanna was great at making me feel at ease. She did a great job putting things into perspective. Very knowledgeable and used personal experience. 

Very personable and easy to talk to. Great enthusiasm and knowledge- very clear, warm, and comforting.

Great content. I learned so much. Feel much more prepared. [Joyanna] was great. Kept it interesting. She knew every answer to every question.


I'm Joyanna Grace, a professional educator and mom of 3! After years of teaching as a Childbirth Educator, I noticed a problem. Classes to prepare for birth & baby were easy to find, but resources for life after birth were scarce. This lack of support is one reason why 1 out of 7 moms is diagnosed with postpartum depression, equating to 121 million women worldwide. 


Meet Happily Mom Co. Our classes & workshops are all about mom, her story, her needs, her journey. I can't wait to teach you how to thrive.

"Confidence comes when you step into new territory with a heads up on what to expect and a gameplan for what to do next!"
- Joyanna Grace





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