I'm a mom of three, nurse, perinatal educator & emotional health coach. I have worked with hundreds of new & expecting moms teaching prenatal classes & postpartum groups for one of Ohio's leading hospitals, but I quickly noticed a problem...

I noticed a gap prenatal support where moms aren't being told all of their options as they plan for birth & navigate delivery.

Many can spend up to 12 wks preparing for labor but forget to create a plan for the 12 wks to 12 months that follow...

And on the other side, the practical & emotional support they need to navigate life as a mom just isn't there. Instead, books, Google & Facebook groups leave them feeling more confused & overwhelmed as they try to figure everything out.

That's why I started Happily Mom.


I help moms feel informed & supported as they prepare for birth & navigate life after baby's arrival, so they can confidently take care of their needs & their little ones.


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