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Module 1: Your Needs

It’s so important to understand the basis of human needs and what better way than through real life story. Today I’m sharing my journey into discovering the existence of my own needs, my rock bottom, & how it all changed!



What stood out to you most in this story?


 Can you identify with patterns of self-neglect, self-denial, or

postponing your needs?

Take a few minutes to write out & process your thoughts.



Where do you find yourself today? Where have you come from? Take a few minutes to reflect on where you've been on your journey & where you are today.



You've, almost, accomplished Week 1! :)


I'm so proud of you for taking action & diving in to make a change so that you can experience incredible transformation!

Lesson 1 "Practical Take Away"

Print this Graphic


+ Screenshot & Add as Wallpaper


to practice recognizing your needs in everyday moments. :)


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