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The 4 Mood Triggers Most Moms Overlook

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Many of us overlook these 4 triggers, leaving us vulnerable to unwarranted emotional outbursts, because we’re too busy putting everyone else’s needs in front of our own.

H- Hungry

A- Angry

L- Lonely

T- Tired

How many of us lose our patience with our children or spouse because we haven’t eaten in hours?

...or depression and overwhelm start to creep in because we feel alone?

The truth is our bodies have limitations, especially during pregnancy and postpartum, and that is 100% okay and completely normal. As women, we have to listen to our limitations and those internal cues in order to best care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Today, instead of just ignoring how you’re feeling, take a minute to reflect on how best to honor your limitations.

Personally, I find it super challenging to admit that I have limitations and needs.

I'd prefer to ignore them and pretend that I'm a superhero (since I get a lot of practice playing superheroes with my oldest son). It's a hangup I'm aware of, and I'm working on it! But, it is so powerful to pause my brain, take charge of my thoughts, and decide how I want to filter input.

I know now not to give space to every emotion or thought that comes my way. Instead, when I'm hit by a wave of sadness, I've learned to pause and take an account of my body (the fancy word for it is self-awareness...) and when I acknowledge that I'm tired from not sleeping well the night before, I simply let the feeling pass on by me.

I've heard it said that "Emotions are like kids. You can't stuff 'em in the trunk, but don't let them drive your car."

Isn't that so true. Being aware of our needs and prioritizing those first can save us a world of unnecessary trouble!!

With hormones, the continuous demands of motherhood, and pressures of life, don't forget today to be kind to yourself, check-in with how you're doing and take care of YOU too.

So the next time that you feel the urge to scream, hide, or run out the door from frustration or overwhelm...

When feelings bubble up and start running the conversation in your head, check in with yourself and H.A.L.T.

Ask yourself...

H- Hungry : Do I need to eat?

A- Angry : Am I feeling angry?

L- Lonely : Do I need to connect/talk with someone?

T- Tired : Am I tired?

Coming into awareness of our physical and emotional needs can help demystify why we are experiencing some of the big feelings, anger, or reactions we walk through as women and mothers.

In the midst of your busy day, hormones, and motherly duties, don't forget that your needs matter too. If it's difficult for you to prioritize your needs or you need some extra 1:1 support in this area, book your free 30-min initial coaching call today!


Joyanna Grace

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