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3 Tips to Enhance Postpartum Mood 🤱🏻

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I recently talked to a mama friend adjusting to life #postpartum & experiencing all the very valid emotions & transition that come along with it. In honor of our conversation I wanted to share with you 3 Tips to Enhance Postpartum Mood. (I’m convinced these keys promote positive mental health well beyond the immediate postpartum!)

Photo by The Smyth Collective

1) Get outside daily!

Whether it’s on the back porch, a walk down the street, or a drive, getting out of your house daily can “reset” your emotional clock and help reduce #overwhelm. 2) Plan something you are looking forward to, whether big or small.

Looking forward to something you are excited about builds anticipation & releases helpful endorphins. Do this as often as needed, anticipating your favorite snack after you lie down for a quick nap, an ice cream date with your honey at the end of the day, or an outing that weekend. 3) Make a 5 min phone call or FaceTime with a friend or family member.

This has been clinically proven to reduce rates of #postpartumdepression & #postpartumanxiety with as little as 5 mins of positive personal interaction. It directly combats the feelings of isolation that can often accompany postpartum emotions.

If you're a new or expecting mom, check out my class Motherhood 101: Your Guide to Life in the First Year, where you'll learn everything you need to know to navigate the transition into motherhood like a pro from pregnancy through the first birthday!

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